Indications for virtual speakers

  1. You do not need to upload your presentation in advance, but you must make sure you can share your presentation through Zoom before the conference starts. You can test it during the conference test session on Saturday the 20th of August (see Testing session).
  2. Follow the indications to the participants to access the programme. Please do that 5-6 minutes before your session starts.
  3. Use the chat to identify yourself as a speaker to the chair or the “Angel” of the room (conference staff). You will have permission to share your presentation, but you should not share it until the chair requests you to do that.
  4. Share your presentation and switch on your video and microphone when the chair requests you to do that. The buttons to share the screen, mute/un-mute the microphone, and start/stop the video are at the bottom of your Zoom window.
  5. Standard talks are 20 minutes, including 2 minutes of discussion coordinated by the chair. Strict timing must be observed.
  6. When you finish, recall to stop sharing your screen and switch off the micro.